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you did it, you crazy son of a bitch, you finished the website!

you could actually push this as a pretty decent alternative to Twitter since elon musk is driving that place into the ground. big business opportunity.
just hope people don't find out you're kind of a douchebag :)

nah, I'm messing with you. this is really good. although I do wonder if 1000-character formatted posts will turn out to be detrimental to the site's survivability as a platform. you even wrote a terms of service — most of these upstart twitter alternatives haven't even done that.

keep up the good work, let's hope you didn't plagiarize
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"you even wrote a terms of service" it's pretty much entirely copied from other sites lol
User icon Paradockz404
@MinersHavenM43 inspiration
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@Paradockz404 Darflen Day Events
User icon Paradockz404
@MinersHavenM43 that's scratch tos bit