User icon Sojens

should i...

- make new social media platform for fun (not like darflen at all btw)
- keep workin on scratch-to-vlr conversion (getting bored and my code is flawed)
- SAW JUH QUAD DAHT CUM (dont make me pick this please)
- something else (preferrably something i've started already)
User icon jc
you should create the first terminator
User icon Sojens
people on bigly voted for both "make platform" and "something else"... "make platform" got more votes but i dont feel like doing that so i'll go work on lumyr
User icon Sojens
for teh social media platform -- I HAVE IDEAS

kinda like sojaquad but really not!
- reddit-style stuff
- games that you can earn account-based points from maybe?