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@Paradockz404 scheduled posting should be a thing at some point, not immediately but at some point, "post on Wednesday at 2:52 AM"

like between the "Upload" and "Public" buttons

oh and um.. one more thing, the header icons could be improved, like dont use a magnifying glass for "Explore" because magnifying glass is usually "Search", and also, where is the search on mobile?

-sjebby sjebbington
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@Paradockz404 hooray, my explore tab is fixed

a couple more things about mobile header:

- the "Home" button doesn't need to exist, people will just click the icon. you can also remove the Darflen icon on mobile too if you'd rather do that
- search should be right next to Explore, but as a button that replaces the entire header with a search bar, should be as easy as adding an onclick which changes the classlist and focuses the search box. make the entire screen gray while the search menu is highlighted, too. when the gray part of the screen is clicked, exit search mode

on desktop, also, "Home" should probably be "Feed" since that's what it goes to Post image
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i apologize for so many suggestions, but i am trying to give helpful feedback to the platform