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If planets were soups, the universe would be made of just emptiness for the average viewer BUT a small portion of it would be soup. however, most planets and/or their moons are rocky or gaseous (gaseous moon :0). this means a very small few of planets could theoretically be considered soup.
if we were to stuff the universe to the brim with planets and ignore gravity and pretend that they would just stay there, the universe would still not be soup because gas planets are abnormally large compared to rocky & soupy planets.
so, there would only be a small amount of soup in the universe anyways.
but, if we filled the emptiness of the universe with soup not only would it cover the 4th dimension of the universe in soup but all the planets and suns and whatever would be NOTHING compared to soup!
having said that, in both scenarios we would die, in the first from a black hole and getting crushed to death and in the second from something but nobody has simulated it yet so i dunno.

p.s: i am not an expert. some info in this essay might be statistically incorrect.
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If planets are just soups, is the universe just made out of soup? And does that mean that everything is made out of cereal
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    as Einstein once said: soup is relative

    so yeah you're wrong for not acknowledging this information in your thesis
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    cereal is soup, the universe is soup, you're stupid
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      1. even if cereal is soup, the universe is not cereal
      2. for the universe to be soup, we must all be dead
      3. i’m aware. please stop reminding me. it doesnt help my self esteem.
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      no we are soup
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      fir it's not your intelligence

      but you do misunderstand people and have trouble recognizing when people are serious or not