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Walmart War (Darflen edition)

credit to @[email protected] for the game idea

A battle scene has been set… on Walmart for some reason. You only have the items there as a weapon. This—of course—doesn’t make the battle uninteresting.

Your goal is to attack another user, with items that’s available at Walmart or other similar supermarkets. You must mention the person you’re attacking—I mean, how will the person know you’re attacking? You may use replies to fight back.

Be realistic: this means no laser guns, plasma weapons, massive quantities of explosive, etc. No throwing Walmart at Walmart either.

Please keep explosives down, because that’s apparently a problem in the original game. (You may use them in small quantities though.)
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I like porting text based games on social media platforms

also are RPGs a thing there?
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I'm just imagining protogens dancing on Electric Zoo
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Notif on repost?
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Credit to DoubleDenial for the game idea.
This game is inspired by the Etchbox, the drawing toy that can't erase.

A game where you can draw.
A game where you can add space..
A game where you can edit.
A game where you can copy and paste.
A game where you can do anything you want...
...if you aren't planning to erase.

If that poem wasn't good enough for you, then here are the rules.
You edit the attached picture, but you can't erase or deleting anything. You can make a box over something or overwrite it, but no deleting or erasing. (Try to use common sense as to what should be allowed, e.g. don't put a rectangle over the entire screen.)
After you edited the image, repost this post with the edited picture attached for the others to edit. You may also add the tag #etchbox for easier identification.

Start with this. Post image
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Somebody tried to advertise Darflen on Scratch
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We do a little trolling
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I might be using Arch but I'm still depended on Ubuntu
Because proprietary drivers are a thing and it's one of the only Linux distro that can handle those