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Hello Darflen Members! We added a few things to the settings page! As you can clearly see, we added the ability to individually log out of each of your devices! Also, you can now create affiliate links (invites) to get some (still unknown I'm serious) surprises! If you find any bugs or have any suggestions, you can contact us at OR comment on this post. 😎

Some stuff to say:
Invited users: users that created their account with your invitation link.
Activated users: users that used your invitation link and posted something.

Please suggest some badges I can give or awards or something... And free advertising for these 2 members in my notifications!

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User icon happex
Badges for 50 posts, 100 posts, 10 followers, 100 followers, ect.

Also a month customer badge for me?
User icon Paradockz404
@Softwaree alright, perhaps an OG badge too (for the peps that joined before the database reset)
User icon tauon
why does it say "firefox generic"? what other firefox could i have?
User icon happex
@tauon Nightly, focus, ect.
User icon Paradockz404
@Softwaree yes
User icon tauon
@Softwaree oh oki